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Gardeners could grow Careers


Article about Gardeners at the Rosebank Peninsula Church. Could be of interest to you Paul.

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John McHale, and robots

I came across John McHale in an article by Rick Poyner on design observer. I was very interested with the pieces I saw there, as well as some of the work that it influenced. Collage is a simple and effective way of re-purposing imagery, and McHale does it successfully. He removes the intended meaning from the image and uses it to represent something completely different. Sides of beef and the bridge of a guitar become part of an elaborate robotic creation. This came along at a good time for me, I have been looking at a lot of work involving lo-fi materials and methods. A lot of collage, macro-photography street art etc as I intend to use materials found in the site during my personal project.

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did some photo collages :)

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Heart of the Whau

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